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Kim Dymond

Kivalliq Entrepreneur Program
Kimberley has always had a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Whether it was working with
youth to test their survival skills in the Newfoundland wilderness or as a high school educator in
Nunavut, she worked hard to make sure her students were challenged, supported and encouraged to
grow, take risks and try something new.

She has taken that same commitment into a new avenue, working with Kivalliq Entrepreneurs to help
guide and support them through the murky waters of building a business in Nunavut. As a facilitator of
the Kivalliq Entrepreneurship Program for the Kivalliq Trade Show Society, Kimberley has helped to
create and run a program that works to educate entrepreneurs about the basics of running a business in
Nunavut, a program that is flexible in its delivery to accommodate the varied needs of the participants.
What started out as a youth program has been opened up to an ever-growing older demographic of
Nunavut Entrepreneurs. Kimberley is now working with the Kivalliq Trade Show Society to bring this
program to all the Kivalliq communities.

Now living in Nova Scotia, Kimberley always looks forward to her visits to Nunavut, reconnecting with
old friends, and making new ones.