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Doug Lauvstad

University College of the North
President & Vice-Chancellor
Born and raised in The Pas, Doug graduated from Athabasca University in 2002, with a Masters of Business Administration degree. He joined University College of the North (UCN) in 1988 and held senior positions in executive management, administration, marketing and communications.

In 2007, Doug was seconded from his position as executive director of the campus at UCN in The Pas, to be the executive director of the Northern Manitoba Sector Council (NMSC). NMSC is a not-for-profit corporation representing northern Manitoba's major employers in the mining, forestry and energy sectors. Doug continued in his role with NMSC, until his appointment as president and vice-chancellor of UCN in 2017.

Doug is passionate about northern people and northern issues. He is widely recognized as a strong advocate for northern Manitoba's economic and social progress. His accomplishments are many, particularly in the areas of building educational and other programs that support "Northern People for Northern Jobs."

For Doug, the story of northern Manitoba is the tremendous potential of its land, and more importantly, its people.